You will find below, games I’ve made, articles I wrote, projects I’ve worked on and a gallery of marketing assets as well as online and offline events I’ve hosted. If you like what you see, please make sure to contact me 🙂

Games credits

I’m thrilled to have worked at Ubisoft as a Social Media & Content Manager to promote games such as Just Dance and Mario+Rabbids.

Game Jams

Here’s Mind Game, a platformer where you play the role of a cat trying to overcome its fears. I worked as a narrative designer with a team of 6 South African and French people (including the legendary Muriel Tramis) to create this symbolic story during the NN Game Jam. I can’t wait to make more!

Gallery of my work.

Marketing projects.

Cruisewatch is an automatic prediction German start-up that finds cruises at the best price and predicts their fluctuation in real time.
For Cruisewatch, I thoroughly worked on lead generation and website traffic by running search projects, advertising and deploying a new social media and email strategy. My work led to increasing their American website traffic by 140% in just three months.
IFS is a Swedish ERP software company for industrial companies.
For IFS, I handled the website, social media, CRM and content strategy. But also the translation and communication of press releases, produced engaging content and presentations, while organizing customer events in Paris.
Afrogameuses is a non-profit organization that advocates for inclusion in all the areas of the gaming industry.
As the founder of Afrogameuses, I coordinated the digital projects and managed a team of 7 people. I created a cross-channel communication plan for PR, social media and emailing. I also organize and animate events on Twitch with video games professionals, and run an international community of +250 black female gamers.

I created the website with the objective of providing an efficient display of the organization (which previously only existed on social media) to create partnerships, drive membership, and to highlight the voice of underrepresented groups in gaming. Find Afrogameuses on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram.

Western Union is the American largest physical and digital money transfer service in the world.
For Western Union, my role was to improve the CRM and customer loyalty strategy. I also participated in launching successful and targeted advertising and email campaigns.
Eduniversal is a French company that matches students with the best schools and ranks worldwide master & bachelor degrees.
For Eduniversal, I worked to improve the website and ran an educational program to help a community of international students find the perfect school or Master’s degree for them.

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