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Who can better sell your game than someone who loves it?

Hi, I’m a French video game marketing & communication professional, currently working as a Social Media & Content Manager for Ubisoft. I’m not available for work, but you can still reach out! 🙂

My Services

I’m a marketing expert with a passion for video games. I stay up to date with the latest gaming industry influencers, news and marketing trends to provide a flexible strategy. That way, you can focus on making great games!

Marketing strategy

Séraphine, league of legends
League of Legends’s Seraphine has her own social media!

Making your game visible is crucial before and after its launch! Whether you need to plan events, introduce your game to journalists, organize live streams for your teams or efficiently announce your launch via email, I can help you make things happen.

Community building

cosplay league of legends
Riot Games’ Cosplay community is one of the most active!

Indies need to build a strong, long term relationship with their communities. I can handle your social media strategy to ensure you get feedback and engagement from your players, as well as monthly reports of what they say and how they react to your game.

Diversity Consulting

valorant diversity
Valorant is one of the games with the most diverse characters!

Don’t be scared of diversity. As a black female gamer, diversity consultant for game developers and president of the non-profit Afrogameuses I can help make your games, avatars, concepts, NPCs and teams be more diverse. First, let’s just talk about it.

Get to know Me.

I’m a 28 yo based in France. I graduated with an MBA in digital marketing & e-business as well as a Bachelor’s degree in international business. I worked mostly with IT, Tech companies & startups, and independently as a marketing consultant. Now I want to use my skills to help video games creators make and sell inclusive games. Here are some of my key characteristics:

  • Gaming passionate and Twitch Streamer
  • Large network of gaming professionals & influencers
  • Creative, resourceful & independent work style
  • Experience in event and project management
  • Leader of a team and gaming community
  • Native in French, fluent in English
  • International mindset and traveler
  • Diversity in gaming advocate

Note : 5 sur 5.

When passion meets skills

Because I’ve always loved technology, for 5 years, I’ve used my digital marketing skills to help Tech companies. In 2020, I decided to take part in making the video game industry more inclusive for minorities through Afrogameuses. That’s when I realized that my skills could make a difference. For the past year, I’ve managed a team of 7 people and developed Afrogameuses on social media, created strategic partnerships with gaming organizations, organized successful live events, increased our press coverage, built an international community of +300 black female gamers and highlighted content creators and professionals. In one year, I became a strong advocate and speaker for diversity in the French gaming industry. I guess this is what happens, when passion meets skills :).

Useful links.

Check out the below links to get more information about my experience and my services.

Before we move on, you should know I have a thing for indie and inclusive games 🙂


Semblance is a cute South African platformer with personality! From the graphics to the sound design, there is nothing to dislike about this gem. Maybe just the parts that will make you go crazy over solving the puzzles.

haven game

I shouldn’t say this, but I’m a hopeless romantic and that’s why Haven is my favorite game of 2020! The character design, immersive universe and dialogues make this French die-for-love game an exciting must-play. Let your heart melt from the lovely yet feisty relationship between Yu and Kay.

broken age

Meet Tim and Vella, the main protagonists of the game. I side with Vella because she looks and acts like me. She is one of the best black female characters I’ve played and her positive representation of the teenager I used to be made me love every second of this game.

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